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Fluoropolymers Plastics | Industrial Recyclers Inc.
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Fluoropolymers Plastics

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Outstanding properties of fluorocarbon polymers (or fluoroplastics) include inertness to most chemicals and resistance to high temperatures. Fluoro plastics have a rather waxy feel, extremely low coefficients of friction, and excellent dielectric properties that are relatively insensitive to temperature and power frequency.

PTFE - polytetrafluoroethylene is extremely heat-resistant and has outstanding chemical resistance, being inert to most chemicals. Its coefficient of friction is lower than that of any other plastic, and it can be used unlubricated.

PVDF - polyvinylidene is a tough fluoroplastic with high chemical resistance and weatherability. It is self-extinguishing and has a high dielectric loss factor. A melt-processible plastic material, it is used in seals and gaskets for chemical process equipment and in electrical insulation.

Fluoropolymers Plastics Available

Type Material Name Grade Number Form Color Quantity Area
Fluoropolymer Teflon Router Chips scrap natural 10000 lbs West Coast